MediaWebView’s system allows the remarkable improvement of safety in the management of access. The system smoothly integrates with active control technology, as for example with badge codes, or safety trasponder and the operator authorised to admit people can only do this once having compared the live image of the person, with the one in the archive.
In the first way the presence of badge codes, trasponder or other safety measures of identification are not required. All that is needed is a simple entry phone in Ian. In this case, the person presents himself in front of the barrier, speaks with the operator by using the entry-phone-Ian giving his full name (or code). The operator punches in a code and a picture comes up on the screen. He confronts this picture with the person he has in front of him and authorises his access by pushing a button which then opens the barrier.
The second way is similar to the first, except that the person’s code is not communicated by voice using the entry-phone but is transmitted automatically to the safety system(badge codes or trasponder) without having to digit the code. The picture in the archive is automatically presented to the operator, who then confronts it with the person standing in front of him, before authorising access.
The system documents all the operations which are carried out by the operator, recording dates, time, barrier openings, live images and any eventual notes. The operator or the supervisor could gain access to every single person who enters from a chronological list of the accesses to every barrier and can review all the information and recorded images.