For video surveillance we mean the use of a video cameras and recording, in order to control everything that happens in a certain area.

MediaWebView has re-invented the concept of video surveillance.
Thanks to our systems it is in fact possible to bring down the costs of creating a system, even if innovative characteristics like streaming web and remote control are added.
MediaWebView’s video surveillance allows you to access the video web system through your home or office computer. All this can happen with exceptional quality and fluidity. The software owner MediaWebView puts into effect a certain compression on the image, allowing the filming to reach high levels of streaming even in narrow bands.
Among the advanced characteristics of our system are:

• Motion Detection: This functions when movement is detected, and is completely parameterised, configuring any necessities specified by the clients. The number of sensitive configurative zones is limitless.
• Scheduling: With a special system it is possible to set actions. The recording can be set to a certain time, recording or streaming can be switched off at pre-established times or intervals.
• Streaming of the recording: It will be possible to consult the recording directly from a web page, still retaining all the functions of a video programme. With one simple click it will be possible to download the chosen piece of film.