Through MediaWebView’s advanced technology, it is possible to re-create a virtual showroom on the web site.

The system is based on MediaWebView’s software, which allows streaming in real time from any kind of video.

With a simple video camera, a computer which is linked to the Internet (usually DSL) it is possible to offer the client access to a reserved part of their web site so that they can see the product.

Depending on requirements, it is possible to use a traditional video camera for recording, as well as the fixed professional video cameras that are robot-like or swivel.
Video cameras equipped with zoom seem to have been designed especially for this kind of use. The client can interact with the video camera directly from the web, and can zoom in on the product offered.

Access to any reserved parts can be completely controlled and personalised by the administrator of the system, who can supply the client with a use consisting of a username and password. This can be kept or not, if the client so wishes.
Another decision can be to supply public access to the showroom.
All accesses to the showroom are memorised in a database, which can be consulted by the administrator at any moment.