The organisation is structured in divisions, which are logically grouped according to their tasks inside the company, and according to the type of clientele they are working with.


Business analysis is concerned with the feasibility in the planning of whatever kind of project, particularly when there has been a specific request by the client. This sector is also involved in establishing contacts, researching synergy and co-ordinating other entities or third parties who could become involved in the creation of a system.
Customer Care is dedicated to maintaining client relationships. The staff are in charge of following the development of a product and gathering feed back, or any modification requests on the part of the client. This is just as important in pre-sales as in post sales.
Research and Development is deeply rooted in the leader position of a newly developing market. This sector is dedicated to the study of new technology, to continual experiments and to the research of every possible interaction permitted by MWV standards. It is also disposed to finding new solutions according to the MWV philosophy.


e-Government is dedicated to the study and creation of ideas for public entities, such as public administration, local authorities etc.
e-Business is dedicated to the research and supply of advanced systems for companies. Our staff in this sector are specialised and can satisfy every requirement in the field of video control of productive processes and of factory areas. Our personalised consultancy service can find a solution to even the most complex requests from our clients.
e-consumer is dedicated to packages defined as “keys in hands”, making our products simple and easy to use, according to the MWV philosophy.