MediaWebView’s systems find their natural position in the military environment. We think for example of the control of the coasts, of the bases, rather than of the continuous and live telemetry of any type of live tool or instrument.

Through advanced software which can detect movement and facial recognition, it will be possible to easily control any area or perimeter while constantly guaranteeing a higher level of efficiency and security.

The enormous potentiality that comes from multi-sense analysis products created by MediaWebView, supply further possibilities of integrating the numerous systems which gather different kinds of data, guaranteeing careful data processing and above all allowing a simpler and more flexible system management.

A further level of security is guaranteed by the continuous telemetry of all the equipment and apart from the possibility of controlling them, they can be set or switched off also from afar. MediaWebView software allows the consumer to operate, by using internet, on any kind of system and in complete security, guaranteeing the highest standards of protection.

And as if this was not enough, all of MediaWebView’s systems have endless growth possibilities, beyond the ability to interface themselves to every type of already existing system.

All these advantages make the MediaWevView system products unique for their completeness and for the quality that they offer. As is necessary for the army, their application requires a high technological relationship.