“MediaWebView” is a High Tech Company that has been operating since 2000 in the remote control video field, with particular attention to the acquisition, compression, transmission, vision and recording of images using streaming, in real time. This is carried out through various transmission means, including Internet , wireless and optic fibre networks.
MediaWebView during 2010, completing the process of industrial growth, is acquired by Lutech Spa, an Italian company in engineering field of ICT

Since its foundation the company has invested in research and development in order to create its own software platform, developing video signals which come from a main source, usually a video camera. Transmission can come from different kinds of network and has the ability of near total control of waveband occupation. It is this which is MediaWebView’s strength. Continual research and development is a primary consideration of the company, with the aim of implementing the software platform and adapting it to the ever newer techniques and services.

The main sectors in which the company operates are: Industrial sectors, domotics application, , video surveillance, tourist promotion, civil protection, weather forecasting, traffic control, advanced health services, military sectors, naval sectors and civil protection, and intelligent layout of goods. .

MWV offers its clients a post sales service of technical assistance which guarantees the continual control of the system carried out by the operators on site and the rapid intervention of technicians in case of problems. This frees the client from any worries about the technical aspects of the system, giving at the same time reassurance that everything will work correctly.