Automation identifies the technology used to create repetitive operations, or those which are complex or impossible to man.
Since ancient times, man has developed automatic systems. For example the lever used to draw water from a well, animals were used like engines and we used even wind and water mills.
The major development in the field of automation comes with the advent of electricity and thereafter with the interaction of different kinds of information technology.
The levels of automation that have been created are very different:

• Computer called PLC which with the right software allow movement or analysis of data generated by the sensors.
• Sensors and transducers.
• Personal computers which have the appropriate I/O forms which are able to interface with, for example, an alarm system.

With these tools it is possible to create automatic controls that are able to acknowledge the outside world and to react according to the algorithm that the programmer has implemented, for example, in a PLC .One of the company’s interests is related to the automatic demonstration of modal and temporal logic, which is widely used to demonstrate the knowledge that there is in intelligent systems.

MediaWevView in this way has launched itself into the field of industrial automation.

This research sector has developed out of a growing need in the production world, both for goods and services, of which: containing costs, reduction in preparation times, personalization and assurance of product quality and service, and adjustment of the volume of sales which can be variable over time. To be competitive, it is necessary to know how to link the satisfaction of flexibility requested by the market with production cost controls. This objective goes hand in hand with the ability to give design quotes on the work and above all, any opportune re-planning necessary, caused by any unforeseen problems that may arise.

MediaWebView is offering an Industrial automatic system which is able to work with a video surveillance system and which allows the client to have their company under control, simply by using any kind of PC connected to the internet.