MediaWebView install control systems making it possible to enter the world of environmental resources and understand when it is opportune or not to invest in this.

For example wind resource has a supply which is much less predictable than solar resource, as it is conditioned by numerous factors, many of which are of local pertinence (distribution of mountain ranges on the land, the presence of obstacles, mountains, hills, buildings, trees etc.) So in order to obtain a prevision of the probable energy return of a windmill on a chosen place, an anemometric station has to be set up on the place and for at least a year, the direction and speed of the wind has to be gathered.

At this point he data is formulated by software that has been designed, created and tested directly by MediaWebView.
We offer the final consumer a simple and intuitive, graphic interface based on the web, which is able to supply detailed, up to the moment reports, about the wind energy performance. By plotting the consequences on a graph, there is the possibility of comparing the different monthly progress, calculating seasonal averages, monthly and weekly averages of data obtained, with those predicted at the start.

Fundamentally, the installation of hardware dedicated to a region and chosen for the needs and tasks that have to be satisfied, is due to be installed. It will have the task of gathering data from a central server ( through the most varied transmission technology such as Gprs, Adsl, Wi-fi…) situated usually in the server room of MediaWebView, where data is stored, developed and are put at the disposal of the final consumer.